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Tea Board rethink over auctions

"It's may be the correct time which the Tea Board disassociates itself in your performance of the circulatory procedure and also be only a licencing body,''" Bezbaruah explained.
A number of tea is currently sold at Rs 50 percent or even lower and good grade chief tea brings an amount of Rs 60 per pound in the auction centers.

He inquired the way the system which isn't profiting the key analysts of this tea business, both the manufacturers and also the personnel, ought to be propounded by means of a management bureau.  "Can it be just to reap from a restricted variety of brokers and traders?"  He inquired.
The current market at north west India signifies"a collapse of this machine" whilst the role of finding a neutral price was defeated,'' he also expressed.

Tea Board chairman P. K. Bezbaruah explained on Sunday the entire human body needs to prohibit it self from your performance of the ageold blossom strategy and instruction at an liberalised regimen at which personal parties may input.
"That which I'm currently proposing is the fact that Tea Board needs to draw it self out of the procedure and carry into an aggressive environment where by anybody having an decent financial advantage and encounter may put such centers," he explained.

"Exactly the exact same tea once sold beyond the market is yanking prices which are high up to Rs 30 per watt," he explained.
He explained the Tea Board's part needs to just be confined to issuing licences for opening the auction up centers after checking their monetary capacities.

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