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Legendary actress Waheeda Rehman makes shocking statement regarding punishment for rapists

Even the yesteryears' celebrity, who turned into a wild life photographer, shown her comment whilst talking at Meraki image exhibit into this press .

Asked what she thought about this experience killings of those four detained at the Telangana rape-and-murder episode, '' the 81-year-old celebrity claimed:'I think that heinous offenses such as rape are all unforgivable but that I feel we have ton't be authorized to shoot some body's lifetime span. 

Mumbai: Famous celebrity Waheeda Rehman feels lifetime imprisonment, and never passing, could be your astute punishment for rapists.
'We must not abide by process at such instances so document a case from these?  You're losing people's income by doing so.  Thus, with no lawful treatment, they ought to really be given lifetime imprisonment.'

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